Posing session with Professional Natural Bodybuilder Travis Tucker

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Product Description

Thinking about entering your first show or need a serious posing coach? Schedule a 10, 20 or 40-minute, live webcam posing session with a Professional Bodybuilder and Men's Physique pro. You may also choose from and purchase a personalized performance by Travis. You may choose songs of our choice, a wide or vertical camera view and tell Travis some of your favorite poses that you would like to see! Travis has 14 shows of experience and is now an official WNBF judge. He will have you do a series of quarter turns and go through all mandatory poses for bodybuilders. He will also discuss where you need to improve and what your strong points are. Sometimes you need some constructive advice from another pair of outside eyes. Travis is very inspiring, motivating and will even pose with you if you would like visual representation.

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