At a glance

Tucker Fitness' mission is to aspire to inspire others. Travis Tucker is the owner of this business and has competed in 17 World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) shows. Unlike most athletes, Travis is a professional in both categories; bodybuilding, and men's physique. He is always giving, motivating, encouraging, helping, and empowering others to follow their dream, and not settle for a mediocre life.

He aims to teach people the importance of optimism, gratitude, consistency, strong habits, integrity, benevolence, empathy, compassion, hard work, bravery, wisdom, courage, and grit. He aims to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin and let go of any fear, resentment, guilt, ego, worry, any complaining, hate, malice, strife, and all of their insecurities. His unique, fashionable clothing designs are completely for your stylish satisfaction and comfortability. Most fitness business' are not run by actual professional fitness athletes.

This allows Travis to follow his passion, get ideas from fellow fitness enthusiasts; that he is friends with, and implement his own ideas into the apparel as well! We don't believe in luck; in hard work we trust! You are what you repeatedly do!